Strengthening, Inspiring &
Empowering Through Yoga

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246 Main Street, Hudson Ma 01749
Located inside the Rising Sun Martial Arts Studio

246 Main Street
Hudson, Ma 01749

Located inside the
Rising Sun Martial Arts Studio

Yoga in Hudson Massachusetts

Self Compassion Yoga is located in Hudson, Massachusetts, and offers classes that promote healthy bodies and minds. Click here to  receive more information.


Yoga is a personal form of moving that is unique to every individual.  It allows you to find your own way to develop awareness through moving with your breath as a means of remaining in the present moment. With a focus on developing non-judgmental self compassion, we begin to break down the barriers of self judgment. As self awareness and consciousness develops, we can better balance and choose how to act on thoughts, feelings and emotions.  Additionally, it is composed of many forms of yoga that bring about the potential for all around well-being and physical strength.

Meditation & Relaxation
During classes, you will be guided through meditation that includes breathing exercises and warming up the body before moving you into postures. The process leaves you feeling lighter, more energetic, and open to new possibilities.


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